Ugh, too sweet.


So I was wondering why Aoba’s derp face looked so familiar
And then I remembered


Snow Queen (x)


I don’t think you realise how much I like the idea of Ned being a complete shorty until his late growth spurt and making Portugal feel very conflicted.

You know what I really need that I haven't seen? Vampire Marco who is like the worst vampire in existence because of his overall caring nature and vampire hunter Jean who just was given the job of hunting Marco down. Or anything with Vampire Marco really.


… o-o-ooooohhhh my god i really fucking want to write this.

mildly awkward nerd vampire marco who always buries the animals he sucks dry when his hunger starts getting dangerous and he’s forced to give in

vampire marco who knows jean’s come to take him out and can’t really argue with that but kinda wishes he wouldn’t because he hasn’t finished this one level in Left 4 Dead 2 because somehow it’s glitched to shit constant hordes and he can’t tank it alone

hunter jean who stares down at this pale weeby nerd kid whose clothes don’t fit and whose hair is a mess and who is clearly running on fumes blood-wise and whose turning marks are those of a person who struggled desperately against being turned into a mindless killer

hunter jean who makes a decision about as good as any other jean ever written and quits hunting and moves in, grousing, “my boss was a douchebag and i was tired of scrubbing out bloodstains anyway” but really he was getting worn down by constantly being the proverbial “two weeks from retirement”

cue the lengthy flirting period and the incredibly tasteless jokes about being thirsty and jean’s lengthy and noisy complaining about having to have a funeral for an entire fucking cow because marco didn’t want jean to see him kill a squirrel so he almost died trying to resist the hunger

vampire marco who was a super cool fun jock boy back in the fifties and who has long since outlived his big buff greaser boyfriend, and who really hasn’t made friends since that time period and still retains some of his antiquated fifties lingo despite the sheer amount of books and games and shows he’s used to kill time

ex-hunter jean kind of watching marco realize that maybe it’s time that he stop grasping at the straws of a life he’ll never be able to live again and also watching him realize that he’s completely okay with that.

When my time comes
Forget the wrong that I’ve done
Help me leave behind some
Reasons to be missed



30 Day OTP Challenge (NSFW): Blowjob

(see what Jean’s lookin at under the cut ayyy)

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